Welcome to Homer Community Gardens


 Who are we?         

Homer Community Gardens is a loose coalition of local gardeners who enjoy sharing all the goodness of gardening.  More of us are from ‘hereabouts’ than from Homer, but the name of our group still works: if you’re familiar with Homer, you’re probably local.

What do we do?

*We have built a community garden in the Village of Homer. See our ‘Village Garden’ page. Better yet, swing by the DPW building on North Fulton on your next afternoon stroll and see the raised beds – truly a community effort with big thanks to lots of local people and organizations.

*We collaborate with each other, and commiserate when necessary. For instance, we studied 2009’s Tomato Blight with admirable objectivity , and we get a whopping group discount on seeds, tubers, and supplies by ordering together from FEDCO Seeds. Keep your eye on our ‘Events‘ page for notice of our activities. Our ‘Garden Chat’  has  ‘Give and Take’place for sharing and other local information for gardeners and garden volunteers.

*We actively support local school and community gardens, helping weed, sharing seed, whatever.  Some useful ideas, plans, resources, and guides are posted on this site under ‘Community How-To,’ and we will add more. We have a place for local gardens to post their programs, which we add to our page of Area School and Community Gardens’ and ‘Garden Photos.’ We post relevant announcements under Eventsand Community Page of Opportunies.’

*We helped the Village of Homer develop a  Village Community Garden in 2010. You’ll find all pertinent information about that garden on the ‘Village Garden’ page.

*We work on building and sharing local garden knowledge about, for example, raised beds of all kinds, organic methods, and season-extending strategies for vegetable growing.  We have held workshops, given talks at the summer Chatauqua program and to local garden clubs, and contributed garden articles to The Cortland Standard.  You’ll find interesting information from local gardeners on our ‘Community How-To’ pages and our reviews of garden books borrowed from local libraries on the ‘Favorite Reading’ page.

*We hope soon to establish a local raised bed program to help new gardeners start simple, successful vegetable gardens and composts.  The program will also provide tips on preparing and preserving garden vegetables.

*Some day we might find local greenhouse space or build a hoop house to make winter growing possible. Just think, fresh homegrown lettuce and carrots when the snows are still blowing!

*Many of us are interested in a more sustainable way of living and in developing local foods options. See our friend’s blog: www.greencortland.blogspot.com!


Gardening has its own inherent goodness, of course, but we find that it also can be a powerful and positive response to so many of the things that worry us today about health, food quality, the environment, energy, the climate, and the economy.  We make just a few of those connections here throughout, such as a link to another local blog, “Sustainable Cortland County,” and we often work together to understand how all these things are interwoven with each other … and through the earth and the life that grows upon it.

And So?

Welcome Garden Friends! If you would like to take part, list a local garden project, or post some local information, please contact Victor Siegle at Victor_Siegle@JobOrder.com or Elaine Norris at eanorris@syr.edu.

Let’s do good things with gardening!

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